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Important info about the payments’ processing technology
The process of a purchase with the help of 3-D Secure system
Online payments for services and gifts via our site
Security issues  
How to make a payment
How to order a service or a gift
Rendering of services, gifts’ delivery
Rules of changes
Orders cancellations and refunds
Privacy Policy

Important info about the payments’ processing technology

We care about our clients in all issues, concerning our work and cooperation with a client. A special attention is paid to the security of Internet payments. We cooperate with approved and reliable partners to provide the qualitative and effective service for our clients.

Our site is connected to payment server and we offer to our clients the possibility of secure and comfortable payment for services with the help of a credit card via Internet.

For the purpose of ensuring the necessary level of security, prevention the fraudulent operations and financial losses of the Internet deals’ participants, both specifications are based on the same basic principle of the reciprocal payment participants’ authentication. The principal is realized with the help of the three domains system (3-D).

The purpose of Issuer Domain is the following. Before performing an authorization, i.e. the card’s paying capacity check, the issuer bank, performs the customer’s (cardholder’s) authentication. The responsibility for the authentication and originality of a transaction is on an issuer bank.

The purpose of Acquirer Domain is the following. The servicing bank performs an authentication of the e-shop using the policy and methods, prescribed by the servicing bank (i.e. the responsibility for the e-shop authentication is on the servicing bank).

The purpose of Interoperability Domain is the following. It determines the guidance and the policy of the information exchange between domains Issuer domain and Acquirer Domain. It guarantees the mutual authentication of these two domains.

The card holder is in the Issuer Domain, and our UkrainianConnections is in Acquirer Domain, who interact with the help of Interoperability Domain.

The model of three domains (3-D) clearly determines the responsibility of all participants of a transaction in the process of their. The main advantage of 3-D model is that the issuer has a possibility to provide the authentication of a client in any comfortable way.

The process of a purchase with the help of 3-D Secure system

1. A cardholder chooses the necessary goods or services on UkrainianConnections.com site and a cardholder passes to the page of a credit card payment via a credit card;
passes the information about purchase and it’s cost to the payment server;
3. The payment server processes the request of
in accordance to the 3-D Secure protocol. If a customer’s card is registered for making the secured e-payments based on 3-D Secure protocol, the payment is redirected to a special system of issuer bank;
4. Issuer bank with the help of this system performs the authentication of a cardholder by login and password;
5. The result of authentication returns to payment server;
6. Payment server organizes the authorization request to check card’s paying capacity and sends it to the central systems of the servicing bank;
7. The payment server passes to
the answer, received from servicing bank;
8. If the answer is positive,
UkrainianConnections performs an order by providing the ordered service or delivering a gift.

Online payments for services and gifts via our site

We accept the online payments by the following credit cards: Visa and MasterCard. The cards may be issued by any bank of the world.

When you make an order via the payment server, UkrainianConnections is connected to; you do not pay any commission for using online payments.

The data of your credit card arrive directly to authorization server of the payment system. UkrainianConnections does not receive any information about the data of your credit card. The payment server of Gateway has the own SSL secured server for performing the online payments and they have the necessary licenses of the payment systems for all kinds of processing of payments. 

Security issues  

1. The authorization method we use guarantees to our clients that the payment details of a card (number, expiry date, CVV2/CVC2) will not get to scammers as this data is not stored inside the merchant server of UkrainianConnections.com site and therefore can’t be stolen from there;
2. A client inputs the payment details not on
UkrainianConnections site, but directly on the secured page of the processing center, so the data of his card won’t be available for UkrainianConnections staff. The process of payment like this is realized according to the security demands of the international billing systems for the e-shops transactions;
3. The security of the transferable info is guaranteed by the use of the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) ciphering protocol, and they can’t be intercepted while the process of passing through the connection channels;
4. The info about the details of a credit card, which is stored in a database of the payment center for the further processing, is additionally coded and can be read only by the authorized personnel;
5. The security of exchange of payment info between
and payment center is guaranteed by the use of digital signature, which excludes the possibility of distortion or interception of the passing information;
6. So
UkrainianConnections does not receive any information about the data of a client’s credit card.

How to make a payment

After clicking the “Order” button, takes place the automatic passing to filling the form for order payment on the payment server of Gateway. On the server of the payment system you fill in the details of your credit card. UkrainianConnections does not receive any details of the credit cards

After you input the details of your credit card and click the “Place Order” button, you will need to wait until the page with the results of authorization uploads. The message about the successful authorization means that your payment has passed; it guarantees the receiving and the further work on your order.

If a transaction is successful, the payment system sends a message to your e-mail address. After this UkrainianConnections performs your order.

In case of unsuccessful authorization, you will receive a notification which holds the type of mistake found and you will need to contact your bank of check the data you input.

How to order a service or a gift

1. Open the page which contains services or gifts.
2. Choose the necessary quantity of Credits or a necessary gift, edit the quantity if needed;
3. Click a small button Select, which is situated in front of a service or a gift. A service or a gift will be placed into your Basket, after that you can continue choosing services or gifts or you can proceed to your Basket; Gift photo Description of Price Select Open Basket a service/gift
4. To make an order, it’s necessary to click the “Open Basket” button. You will see the contents of the Basket, which can be changed or you can proceed placing an order;
5. After clicking the “Place Order” button, you will see the form to put in the data of your personal card.

Example of payment form

Recipient company: UkrainianConnections.com
Name of order: 3 Credits
Amount of order: $ 16,79
Purpose of payment: payment for an order in a
Please, fill in the details of your card:
Place Order

After the payment is confirmed, a client receives the confirmation (receipt) to e-mail address.

Rendering of services, gifts’ delivery

1. UkrainianConnections starts to perform the order within 1 business day since the moment of payment;
2. UkrainianConnections gives the gifts to recipients or delivers gifts home (if ordered) within 3 business days since the moment of payment. If recipient is not in the city or can’t receive a gift for her reasons, a gift is delivered as soon as possible;
3. If you wish to receive a photo of your recipient with your gift, please Contact us beforehand. This service is free;

Rules of changes

We present to recipient exactly the gift you have ordered!
In exceptional cases we have the right of equivalent change of floral, packing or other materials with the condition of keeping the appearance, colors and cost of the gift. The appearance of the gifts we deliver may lightly differ from the samples, placed on the site pictures. From our side we necessary provide the high quality of the gifts.
The conditions of services’ rendering and gifts’ delivery, which are puplished on site UkrainianConnections.com, are a public offer. While placing and paying for an order, you express agreement with the conditions of performing a delivery and with the theses of the following documents: Rules of changes, Orders cancellations and refunds, Rendering of services, gifts’ delivery.

Orders cancellations and refunds

Should you contact us within 10 days you will receive a full refund of the purchase price.
The are processed through the secured channels and with the help of approved licensed technologies. 

Privacy Policy

No information submitted by a buyer will be shared, sold, reused in lists, or be used for any other purpose than to complete a transaction or address a customer service concern. 

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